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Traitement des eaux


Specialist in water treatment field (waste effluent, potable waters), AQUA Corp, offers technical and commercial support in order to optimized your projects in France and abroad.


Having at one’s disposition its own technical resources, completed by our partner’s skills, AQUA Corp. is able to interfere technically at every stage of the water cycle from the resource, through the drinking water, its transformation for industrial processes up to its clean up.


As essential tool, its laboratory enables it to qualify the customers' effluents or to carry out pilot trials. It is also an asset for technical assistance or the daily operation of water treatment plants.


Based on a long experience in international projects, AQUA Corp is also able to mobilizes its commercial / technical partner’s network in the whole world to  lead your development.


AQUA Corp. is above all, a team of specialists who develop "tailor-made" solutions. Our skills are based on technology, know-how and experience.


The increase of international laws and rules strictness and the huge necessity to save water scope of sustainable development, leads you to optimize your water management and to improve quality of your effluent.


AQUA Corp. is specialized in study, design and turnkey project of water treatment plants, and offers his know-how to local authorities and to industrial customers. Over a technical contribution, AQUA Corp. aims, objectives and duties are to develop a true partnership with his customers for a sustainable collaboration.


Supported by its own partnership network, AQUA Corp is able to master the following technologies:

  • Physicochemical treatments (settling flotation unit, coagulation, flocculation),
  • Aerobic treatments (SBR, MBR, etc.),
  • Anaerobic treatments (UASB reactors),
  • Upgrading biogas,
  • Sludge treatments,
  • Membranes technologies (MBR, UF, RO…),
  • Lake or reservoir rehabilitation with hypolimnetic and destratification aeration.


AQUA Corp. has at one’s disposal its own laboratory, and can set up trials platforms. It is equipped with several pilot plants allowing to run analyses and tests  to answer to wide range of case or effluent type in order to respond to all type of customers requests. Moreover, collaboration with his partner KYOTO energy, allows AQUA Corp  to propose pre-financings programs through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) developed by UNFCCC.


AQUA Corp’s objectives are :

  • A scrupulous technical objectivity (AQUA Corp. is open to all technologies)
  • A full cost control (either for investment than for operation)
  • Design and installation of optimized plants
  • A clear and professional engineering 

Wealthy of experiences, projects led cover chemical and pharmaceutical industries agrofood industry, metallurgy factories and textile industry, in Europe and abroad.


Feel free to contact our company, our know-how and know-being are at your disposal. 


Sincerely Yours,


Erik GONAY - Manager AQUACorpErik Gonay