Our expertise

Savoir faire Aquacorp


AQUA Corp has its own technical resources reinforced by the skills of its partners. Our expertise allows us to step in technically at each stage of the water cycle: from the resource to its purification, through potabilization and transformation for industrial processes.




AQUA Corp is able to design all the technologies for the treatment of industrial waste water, from the most conventional to the most sensitive:

  • Biological treatments: aerobic, anaerobic, etc.
  • Pretreatments and primary physico-chemical treatments
  • Membrane (UF, RO) and bio membrane (MBR) treatment
  • Treatment for potabilization (Ultrafiltration processes, rural development, etc.)
  • Sludge and air treatment
  • Effluent recycling


Gas flaring
UASB réactor
Balance tank
Sludge treatment
Primary treatment
Solid digester
Aerobic reactor



AQUA Corp's approach is to set up stable wastewater treatment plants that, reliable, easy to operate and optimal in terms of investment and operating costs. Our objective is to move towards the WWTPs for the future with the Positive Energy, when it is appearing possible



Thanks to its partnership with SYSTEM S&P AQUA Corp. is offering bio-disk plants well adapted for small communities.

Ideal for municipalities up to 3000 p.e., the bio-disc process is robust, inexpensive in energy, simple to operate and not very sensitive to hydraulic and organic variations.

Moreover, this modular process generates little nuisance (visual, noise, odor).




Lamella clarifier
Biological disks
Rotative sieve
Lifting tank
Vegetated filter