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  • 02/04/2019

    Start-up of the WWTP of the Canning factory “ La conserverie MORBIHANNAISE” property of EUREDEN group

    The “Conserverie Morbihannaise” is mainly producing and packaging appertized vegetables, distributed throughout all Europe : under the D'AUCY brand (Salsify, Peas, Spinach, Carrots, Beans, etc.).


    After a few years of development and construction, the treatment plant of the “Conserverie Morbihannaise” was started up at the beginning of this year 2019.



    VESITECHNICS and AQUA Corp actively participated in the design, technical support and construction of this very special WWTP.



    The approach envisaged by the work team lead to a single purpose: to make the most of each of the pathways (liquid and solid), while producing an effluent that meets discharge standards to a particularly sensitive outfall.


    This is a highly successful positive energy plant that not only meets regulatory constraints, but also limits all by-products and energy consumption.


    30% of the effluent generated will be recycled for specific production uses: primary washing, vehicle washing, etc.


    This wastewater treatment plant aims to be totally autonomous and exemplary in terms of the recovery of its by-products and sustainability.