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  • 17/04/2009

    A contract of 5M$ in Argentina

    With its partner EMPROTECH SA, AQUACorp won a major contract for an agri-food industry situated in the northern part of Argentina.


    The objective of this project was to install an anaerobic reactor (medium load UASB type) in order to treat an influent flow of 500m3/h with a COD-load of 70 t/d. 95% of the organic pollution will be removed, treated and transformed.


    In addition to the wastewater treatment, this installation allows to produce up to 1200 m3/h of biogas who feed the boilers at the plant. 

    This project falls within the Kyoto agreements and the clean development mechanism (CDM). Thus, in purpose to conserve energy and money, this installation allows the customer to recover up to 15 000 tons of carbon equivalent per year that should generate an annual income of 150 to 200 k€/year.