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  • 16/11/2009

    Gravel pits rehabilitation situated in the south of Belgium

    VIVAQUA (, Bruxeloise company in water field, has confided to AQUACorp and AQUA Technique the rehabilitation of three gravel pits situated in south of Belgium.


    This project, who stretches over three years, aims to set up 3 diffused aeration destratification systems in gravel pits of RIVIERE, LIGNY and BARETTE. These water pits appears to be strategic reservoirs for drinking water production in the south of Wallonia. However, these mane-made lakes had huge eutrophication problems.

    The dissolved aeration destratification systems used in each of these gravel pits, allow not only to oxygenate the water column but also to remove or precipitate several components such as phosphorus, ammonium, iron and manganese.