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  • 11/02/2010

    Morning of information ENPROTECH/AQUACorp : Thursday, March 11th

    The first French hypolimnetic aeration


    AQUA TECHNIQUE and AQUACorp were contributed together to design of the first French hypolimnetic aeration in the GOUET potable water reservoir (Côtes d’Armor - 22).


    This project, supported for many years by local authorities, has allowed installing two hypolimnetic aerators (LIMNO type) supplied and powered by compressed air. Since the starting up, the oxygen concentration at the bottom of reservoir increased from 0 to 8 - 9 mg/l and the summer thermal stratification is kept intact all over the summer long. As a direct consequence of these hypolimnetic aerators installations, the ecosystem quality and the water used to drinking water production have been drastically improved.